Sherwood Springs Olive Oil

Sherwood Springs Olive Oil is available in a range of packaged sizes: 250 mL and 500 mL bottles, a 2 Litre cask and 5, 10 or 20 Litre containers.

One of our most successful packages is a 2 litre cask, which is a bladder, with a tap in a box (just like a wine cask). The 2 Litre cask is ideal storage for olive oil because it ensures no air or light exposure which keeps the oil fresh.

The 2 litre cask also travels successfully so we are able to post to anywhere in Australia.

Buy our 2 litre casks online.

Gargano Blend

gargano s

The taste of the Mediterranean – from the south west of Western Australia

As well as the Shewood Springs label we produce each year a special blend for one of Perth’s leading restaurants, Gargano Ristorante in Claremont, a very popular family Italian restaurant.

Mario who owns and is the chef of Gargano, says modestly “I just cook spaghetti” but he knows about olive oil. The name of the restaurant, Gargano, is from his family’s region in Puglia in Italy which produces most of Italy’s olive oil.

Each year we take samples of the oil from our freshly harvested Italian varieties of olives (they are Leccino, Frantoio and Minerva) to Mario and we make a blend that he can use in the kitchen and on the table. This becomes the Gargano Blend for the year.

Mario likes it to be fresh and fruity with some pungency. His judgement has proved to be pretty good over recent years because our Gargano Blend has consistently won medals at the Perth Royal Show extra virgin olive oil competition.

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