In 2004 Ian and Helen Wildy established Third Pillar olive oil to market the olive oil produced from Sherwood Springs at Mumballup in Western Australia.

Third Pillar has been a successful operation for more than 10 years and Sherwood Springs has supplied more than 50% of the oil sold as Third Pillar.  Now a desire to do things a little differently, and to build upon the Sherwood family connection, has prompted us to develop Sherwood Springs olive oil as a brand in its own right.

The popular Third Pillar Gargano Blend, produced exclusively from the Italian varieties grown at Sherwood Springs will continue to be an important part of our operation.

We have a genuine commitment to quality at every stage of our fruit growing and oil production processes to ensure a truly premium West Australian olive oil – more than “extra virgin” given our standards far exceed existing international requirements .

Third Pillar and Gargano Blend have been consistently awarded medals at reputable olive oil shows since we began exhibiting in 2004  – a testament to our consistent premium quality. Sherwood Springs will continue to produce premium extra virgin olive oil.

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